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The Women's Centre, Townsville


A counsellor is available every morning for women 15 years and over on a no appointment system. Ongoing appointments can be provided following the initial session.
Groups and Activities related to social isolation, emotional, physical and spiritual health run everyday at The Women’s Centre

Community Education

The Women’s Health Service Community Education is provided on an as needed basis.  Please make a request.


The Women’s Health Service acknowledges ‘wellness’ as being inclusive of the physical, emotional, environmental, psychological, spiritual and mental well being of women.

We recognise that women’s health issues can arise due to inequities for women within our culture, and therefore believe in women-centred approaches, which value women’s wisdom and support them in making their own informed health choices. 

Women seek counselling for many different reasons. The National Women’s Health Program has identified some contributing factors below:

Emotional and Mental Health Issues

Examples may include women experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, the effects of trauma, relationship issues, drug and alcohol issues and cultural identity issues.

Women and Violence

Examples may include women experiencing or experienced domestic and family violence issues, sexual abuse, sexual assault and other forms of violence.

Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Issues

Examples may include women seeking pregnancy options Including terminations, menopause, sexuality concerns and sexual identity issues.

The Women’s Centre has Women’s Health Counsellors available to provide face-to-face and phone counselling and support for women covering a large range of health issues including domestic and family violence. The Women’s Health Service provides:

Groups and Activities

Counsellors and activity workers facilitate therapeutic and special interest groups including

We encourage others to get involved and provide services and groups at The Women’s Centre

Community Education

Topics may include